A painful day in the saddle awaits

April 23, 2008 at 9:33 pm Leave a comment

OK…so I am still planning on wearing my bike shorts tomorrow, but I’m not exactly looking forward to my scheduled ride right now.  My legs hurt.  Badly.  In an effort to continue building my muscular endurance, I changed up my leg weight training routine and I’m definitely feeling it today.  Add that soreness on to the lingering pain from my accident the other day and a new mystery pain that has appeared just above my ankle within the last hour or two, and my legs are a mess right now.

Normally I would just change around my training schedule (and I still might depending on how I feel in the morning), but it is getting so late in the week that bumping my ride back now would result in one less ride this week than I originally planned.  Additionally, I know that if I can power through my ride tomorrow, I’ll start to see some gains in my muscular endurance.

It should be an interesting day tomorrow.  We’ll see if I actually live up to making this my “long ride” for the week.  Starting in two weeks (I have finals next week–my last finals a law student!!!)

I’m going to be starting a “power” cycle in both my cycling and running.  The program will last four to six weeks and I’m going to focus on climbing in my long rides and runs as well as interval training on the hills in both.  The hills are far and away my weakest area in both my run and my bike and improvement in this area will improve my times in other areas as well.  I will provide updates on this plan and its effectiveness later on.

If I make it through my ride, I’ll post an update shortly thereafter.


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