Breaking through in the pool

April 24, 2008 at 1:46 pm Leave a comment

I had my first breakthrough in the pool today and it was very refreshing.  Mid-way through what was supposed to be a 300 meter set, my heart rate started to slow down, my arms weren’t hurting, my breathing was controlled, and I had a decent pace.  Put simply, I had found my stroke.  I cruised past the 300 meter mark and decided to push it to 500.  Then 600, 700, and all the way to 1000.  I could have kept going, quite frankly, but I wanted to put in a couple of interval sets at the end of my workout.  

Why is this such a “breakthrough”?  Well, for me, prior to this, the longest set I had done was 400 meters.  I’d never had that feeling in the pool before.  The only feeling I’ve experienced similar to that was the “second wind” phenomenon when you’re running (I haven’t gotten back to that point with my running yet, but I used to hit it about mile 5 or 6 last year).  

Pushing distances like this are great for building confidence and fitness levels–at least for me.  I’m the type of person that will use previous performances as reasons to keep going when I feel tired (e.g. I did 6 miles on my long run last week, who cares if I’m tired…I have to hit 8 this week).  These breakthroughs set new minimums and you can keep reaching higher and higher.  

Now I just have to experience a few of these moments with my cycling and running. 


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