Ride # 3 review

April 25, 2008 at 1:18 pm Leave a comment

My third ride on my Pinarello FT1 was a smooth one. No mishaps during the ride, no insane headwinds, no extreme traffic.  Just a really smooth ride.

Admittedly, my legs were still a little tired for some reason, but I forced myself to head out.  I think I may have been ramping up my distances a little too quickly and that, combined with the heavy weight lifting, taxed my legs to the point where they just didn’t want to respond anymore.  I will be giving my legs a few days off next week due to the last set of finals I’ll be taking in law school, so I’m hoping that I’ll get the snap back in my legs.

As far as the bike, everything I wrote in my first post has held true.  The ride comfort on this bike is great.  Even in the aero position I find myself feeling comfortable once I get warmed up.  The bike handles road noise quite well even with my tires up to 120.

The only trouble I’ve had on the bike was my front derailer was a little off, but I stopped by Nytro on my ride today and they took care of it on the spot.  

One thing I’ve come to love on this bike is the handling around curves and corners.  Even in the aero bars, a simple lean will take you around a corner no problem.  The bike doesn’t shake and exudes confidence in taking corners (something that is nice because I had a couple of unfortunate wrecks on my road bike due to its poor cornering).  

My ride speed today was about the same as it was last time, but the winds had gone back to normal so I didn’t experience that flying feeling on the way back.  I actually wish the winds were at my back on the second half of that ride…my legs were burning…I could have used the help.

Happy cycling



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