Recovery Weeks

April 27, 2008 at 12:28 pm Leave a comment

I’ve spoken in earlier posts about the fact that I’ve felt like my legs have hit a wall lately.  Even with rest days interspersed, my legs just haven’t had that snap in them over the last week.  After taking a look at a couple of online training plans (and realizing that I probably need to just pony up the cash for a coach), I realized that I’ve been leaving out something that I had incorporated into my last training plan: recovery weeks.

Put simply, recovery weeks are weeks where you lower your training sessions, mileage, and time from the previous week.  This slight drawback will give your muscles some extra time to deal with the increased strain you’ve been putting on them over the past few weeks and will help give you some of the snap back in your legs.  After the recovery week, you go back into a building block of another 4 weeks or so before taking another recovery week.

I’ve lucked out a bit with my schedule in that my school schedule this week (finals week–my last set of finals in law school ever!) was already going to prevent me from putting in as much time as I would have otherwise.  So, I’m making this a recovery week.  Nothing hard, no interval sets, and one less training session for each sport.  

Hopefully I’ll feel the result at the beginning of next week. 


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