Balancing a social life with training

May 4, 2008 at 8:06 am Leave a comment

I’ve been moving the past couple of days (hence the reason there are no recent posts).  I was living about an hour from downtown San Diego, but now I’m right in the thick of things (my balcony overlooks the Padres baseball stadium).  

Now, normally, I’d be ecstatic about being in a new place and although I’m happy to not have to drive an hour to see friends, I’m starting to realize that having such easy access to friends that like to drink and no shortage of drinking establishments is probably not the best thing for my training.

I went out last night and let’s just say that the long ride I had planned for this morning isn’t looking too likely.  Things should calm down within a week or two, but at the end of this week my roommate gets here from Boston so I’m sure I’ll be going out then and the weekend after I’ll be in Vegas.  My only goal over the next three weeks is to maintain the levels of my training and make sure I don’t fall off the wagon completely.  This is what undid my training last time but at least I realize it now.  

Long story short: it is possible to have a social life and train, but you definitely have to be cognizant of how much you’re enjoying your nights out….and if you end up not being able to train the next morning (like my dumb ass), you probably should have had one or two less the night before.  

I’ll be running later this afternoon…but riding right now just sounds painful…


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