Ever Feel Like You’re in a Rut?

May 26, 2008 at 9:25 am Leave a comment

Yesterday I felt like I was in a rut.  The bad part is, however, is that I was literally stuck in a rut of mud about three inches deep for about two seconds before I proceeded to fall on my bike (again).  

There’s something about falling on a bike that makes me feel dumb and uncoordinated.  At least this time it wasn’t entirely my fault.  I was about six miles in on my Sunday long ride along the coast highway in Encinitas.  I noticed that I was coming up on a pretty significant crack in the road and I wanted to avoid it since I’ve blown tubes out on similar cracks earlier in my cycling career (i.e. my second ride ever).  

Unfortunately, I noticed it a bit late and didn’t have the time to look over my left shoulder to look for traffic so, in the interest of not getting hit by a potential oncoming car, I decided to go to the right of it–over what appeared to be some wet and dirty pavement.  Well, my friends, things are not always what they appear because my front tire immediately sunk about two to three inches into what turned out to be a mud-filled pothole.  Awesome!  

I went down along with my bike.  Aside from some scraping on my brake lever and the shredding of my handlebar tape, my bike was structurally OK.  However, both my tires and my drive train were now caked in mud, I was six miles from my car, and the only bike shops in the area didn’t open for another two hours.  What to do?  I improvised.  I found a hose outside of a bar and proceeded to gently hose down my bike.  I managed to get enough of the mud off to make it rideable, but it still took me about two hours to clean it completely when I got home.

Moral of the story?  Uh…well, not sure there is one.  Maybe: Triathlon bikes are not made for cyclo-cross?  In retrospect, this actually was a bit comical.  The real irony of the story is that about two minutes before this happened a fellow cyclist stopped a traffic light with me complemented me on my bike and he was right behind me when I ate it.  I think he may have jinxed me.  

In the end, if anything good did come out of this, it was that I ended up putting in a much longer ride time than I had originally planned.  I planned on about a two hour ride but since this incident cut my ride to about 40 minutes, I disregarded it partially and did an 1:40 ride on my trainer when I got finished cleaning my bike.  More on the spinnerval dvds to come later…


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