Breakthrough Workouts

June 24, 2008 at 7:02 am Leave a comment

I used to wonder what Joe Friel meant when he referred to “breakthrough workouts” as those workouts that take you 48-72 hours to recover from.  After the longest ride of my training so far last Sunday (52 miles), I no longer have this same sense of wonder.  Just to prove that I’m following Friel’s advice, he advises in his ironman training book that “your butt should give out before your legs” when talking about long rides; well, Joe, I’m happy to report that my butt is still sore from my ride the other day (but I’m guessing that this isn’t what you meant).

So, this morning, I’m sitting here trying to study with a sore butt and a long run scheduled for this morning (probably in the neighborhood of 13 miles) and I’m a little torn about what I should do.  I’m guessing that I’m going to just go ahead and do the run since my schedule will be completely screwed if I don’t.  Plus, considering this is just a little lingering soreness from lactic acid build-up rather than an actual injury, I’m figuring I won’t feel a thing after the first mile or two.  

On another note, this soreness shows the importance of doing active recovery workouts.  I would have done a little spinning last night had it not been for the fact that my trainer has essentially crapped out on me.  The help desk for blackburn sent me back quite possibly the least useful advice I’ve ever seen (“try cleaning the roller with some rubbing alcohol”…gee thanks…I’m sure that will solve the problem of the trainer having no resistance whatsoever).  Oh well though…my Computrainer arrives today so I’ll be sure to post more on this later.


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