My first masters swim

June 27, 2008 at 8:01 am Leave a comment

This morning I finally made it to my first masters swim.  I must admit, I’ve been putting off attending a masters swimming program because I felt a little bit intimidated.  My swimming isn’t where I want it to be and I didn’t want to be the guy holding up everyone in the lane.  

Most of the intimidation factor was wiped away when I saw the other swimmers in the program.  For some reason I had visions of what could probably only be described as a division one collegiate swimming team and that I was going to be the fattest guy within 500 yards of the pool area.  This, however, was not the case (thankfully).  I was easily the youngest person there by probably about a decade and it was quite clear that most of the people in the group were there for fitness swimming as opposed to part of a triathlon training program.  Now, this says nothing about their swimming ability, but the thought I had was “hey, if THEY can do this, then I can do it…no matter how hard it gets.”

The intimidation factor was completely erased once we got past the kick drills (which I forgot to bring my fins for…duh) and on to the main set.  There were four people, including me, in my lane (busy morning according to the regulars) of which one I knew was going to be slow but I didn’t know about the other two.  The guy in my lane seemed like he was going to be going pretty good, but I found myself constantly having to slow up and wait behind him despite the fact that I was giving him a 12 yard jump start on each 25.  This made me feel really good.  On the next set, I actually lapped both him and the faster female in my lane (who was wearing zommers…so she probably wasn’t that quick to begin with anyways).  

Turned out today (and every Friday) was a short day in which they cut it short and have coffee and treats afterwards.  In a way, I’m glad that my first time out didn’t kill me, but then again, I still don’t know how I’ll feel after 4000 yards in the pool.  Nonetheless, I know that if the other people in there can do it, so can I.

I enjoyed the environment.  There is a huge difference between telling yourself to do another set of 500’s compared to having a coach staring down on you and the peer pressure of the rest of the group doing it as well.  This is exactly what I needed for my swim training.  With my run training and biking, I never have a problem motivating myself to finish my workout so long as there is actually some gas left in my tank.  With swimming though, I find myself making little bargains and convincing myself that what I’ve already done is enough.  No longer though…I’ll be doing masters swimming at least three days a week and I’m looking forward to faster swim splits ahead.


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