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June 30, 2008 at 4:49 am Leave a comment

So I might as well just come out and admit my plans for next year: I’m planning on doing Ironman Arizona ’09.  I’m so set on doing it that I’ve (a) volunteered at this year’s event so I can get priority registration the following morning, (b) booked my hotel, and (c) booked my flight.  Pretty much the only thing that will stop me from signing up to compete next year will be remote possibility that I’ll be unable to get the Monday following the event off so that I can stay in Arizona to register.  However, that’s a pretty remote possibility (thank you currently slow economy).  

The Ironman distance has always been my ultimate goal.  Just finishing one of these races seems amazing to me and I can’t wait for the challenge.  The other attraction of the Ironman distance is the increased possibilities of qualifying for Kona.  Based on previous years, this is essentially going to require a sub-10 hour time.  Yeah…admittedly, this is several years off (if at all), but in addition to the increased number of available spots at Ironman events (compared with 70.3 events), I also feel that I’m personally better suited for the Ironman distance than the shorter events since a strong aerobic engine is much more important to the race.  

I plan on restarting my training “year” shortly after the OC Tri this year.  I’ll essentially have just over a year to prepare for Ironman Arizona.  Along the way, strong finishes at Oceanside and my other events will still be a goal, but Arizona will be my new goal event.  Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been extending out the length of my rides (52 miles/3 hours last week and 63/3.5 yesterday).  

My plan is to stabilize my long rides at 4 hours as of the week after next (I have a recovery week scheduled for next week) and not extend out on that distance until I start my training for next season.  I already have ample endurance to complete both my olympic distance races in September so I’m going to be switching my focus to increasing my lactate threshold (where I really need the work).  

Well, that’s the plan for now…off to my masters swimming…


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