Hitting the wall

July 5, 2008 at 6:29 am Leave a comment

Today is the final day of my base 3 mesocycle and I’m pretty sure I hit the wall on Tuesday and never quite recovered.  During my long run on Tuesday I was struggling from about 6 miles on and ended up cutting my run short by about 10 minutes and logged about 1.5 miles less than I had planned overall.  

I felt better Thursday during my interval work, but I was completely spent yesterday during my tempo training and was unable to finish.  To put it simply, I’m looking forward to my upcoming recovery week.  There’s nothing I hate more than feeling completely flat during training–especially when I’m doing race-paced type of training.  I’m hoping that this week will rejuvenate me and allow me to train at the level I want to for the following weeks.  My focus is turning towards maintaining my endurance and increasing my muscular endurance and lactate tolerance as my first race is just over two months away.

On a side note, I’m getting a follow-up body fat and resting metabolic rate test today.  I had my first test in these areas about three months ago (about a day after my first blog post) so I’ll be interested to see the changes.  At the time of my first test, my body fat came in at 15.9% and my RMR was right about 1800 calories.  

I’ll be taking this information to my meeting with a nutritionist on Monday. Kim Mueller is apparently one of the best nutritionists for athletes in the San Diego area (she coaches athletes nationwide, but is located in San Diego) so I’m looking forward to seeing where I can make improvements to my diet. I already eat healthy, but I suspect that I’m not taking in enough calories on certain days (e.g. my long rides).

I’ll post an update on both of these as they come up…


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Riding Long Le Tour has begun…

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