My First Open Water Swim

July 14, 2008 at 8:34 pm Leave a comment

It’s a rough life living in San Diego.  It rains like 13 days a year, is usually cloudy in the morning until about 11 or so when the sun finally breaks through, and if you want to do an open water swim you have to swim at beaches with seaweed on them.  

OK, so maybe I’m being a bit picky (and a ton sarcastic).  There’s a reason that there is a ton of triathletes in San Diego: the weather is always awesome, there is varying terrain all over San Diego, and you have quite a few beaches to choose from when you want to get out of the pool.

Today, I did my first open water swim with the San Diego tri club at La Jolla Shores (pictured).  It was a one mile swim that involved swimming from about the vantage point this picture was taken from and directly toward the tall building on the horizon.  There’s a buoy marked 1/2 mile about mid-way in between which served as the turnaround point.

The open water was definitely interesting and the choppiness of the water kicked my butt a bit.  Having a wetsuit on definitely helped though–especially during the meet up times while we were just treading water.  Overall, I think I did OK.  Not great, but OK.  I covered the mile in 33 minutes, or about a 1:50/100 yard pace.  Considering that I was pulling up quite a bit to sight (and my goggles were fogging up), this actually wasn’t too bad.  

The only real mistake I made was to not apply the body glide liberally enough to the back of my neck so I got a bit of a rash (on top of the sunburn I managed to rack up yesterday).  

One things is for certain though: swimming open water is a much different ball game from swimming in the pool.  The group was great though, so I’ll plan on continuing to do this open water swim from here on out.  I’m hoping that as my training continues, my confidence in my ability to swim straight will grow as well.


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