Zoot Ultra TT Review

July 15, 2008 at 10:27 pm Leave a comment

Last weekend I purchased a pair of Zoot Ultra TT’s.  Even though I just recently purchased some Mizunos, I planned on using these as race shoes.  Plus, let’s just face it, I have a problem: I’m addicted to carbon fiber (in the soles).  Really though, I went to Road Runner Sports to try these shoes on and they felt amazing in the store.  

I have two problems that tend to arise with my feet: pressure sensitivity on the tops of my feet from laces and arch support for my rather high arches.  Both of these issues only tend to come into full effect a few miles into the run.  My Mizunos have been giving me problems.  First, the laces are a constant struggle.  I think I may be able to make further adjustments, but even with the quick lace system, they still bug me.  The other issue is that they didn’t provide enough support for my arches, but I bought some good inserts to solve this.

These issues bring me to my review of the Zoot shoes.  I took them on a ten mile run today…a run where my legs and body gave out before my feet.  It was really hot and humid today and I didn’t bring enough fluids with me so I was pretty dehydrated towards the end.  

Regardless though, my feet have never been more comfortable on a long run.  The lacing system provides a perfect fit that just hugs your feet.  It really felt more like wearing a sock than a shoe.  Amazing.  Additionally, for being such a light-weight shoe, it provides some great arch support.  I don’t know if the carbon fiber sole insert has anything to do with this, but I know that my arches weren’t killing me by mile six, so I’m sold.  

Great, great shoes.  Depending on my ability to “fix” my mizunos, these may end up being my primary training shoes for my long runs.  That’s how much I liked them.


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