Team CSC Tested

July 22, 2008 at 10:50 am Leave a comment

News just broke that Team CSC was subjected to a surprise test following the race today.  They were not the only team tested, but definitely the most noteworthy one as they lead the team race, hold the yellow jersey and white jersey, and have been in absolute control over the last few stages.

Let me say it now that although I don’t think anyone of them will come back positive, it would be absolutely crushing to cycling if they did.  Ricco was one thing–you have to question anyone who idolizes a cyclist whose career came crashing down after his doping was revealed.  CSC, on the other hand, is led by a man who admits to his past doping and has committed to clean riding.  Again, I doubt any one of them comes back positive, but you never know.

On another note, funny news about Ricco.  Apparently when he saw the testers coming for him he started to run away.  Two of the testers caught him and he was subsequently informed that he was going to be tested every day from then on out because he had ran.  What a dope! (pun intended).  I mean really, you don’t think it’s going to look just a tad bit suspicious that you run when you see the people coming to test you.  You probably would have been better off just hoping the new super drug in your system doesn’t get picked up.


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