Comic-Con Invades San Diego

July 24, 2008 at 12:43 pm Leave a comment

The invasion of San Diego has begun.  For the next four days, the city will be subjected to guys dressed like characters from Heman (see picture) and all other sorts of characters.  As I sit here in my condo, I can see the hordes of people headed to the convention center and it simply amazes me.  

For anyone who has never been in San Diego during Comic-Con, you might think that this is simply another convention.  Let me assure you, it’s not.  The entire downtown area is invaded, hotels are booked solid throughout the city and all the way up the coast, parking (paid or otherwise) is nearly impossible, and every bar in downtown looks like it is hosting a halloween party every night.  When I called it an “invasion”, I meant it in every sense of the word.

Personally, I’m not sure what amazes me more: the fact that there are this many adults still interested in comic books (and associated characters, movies, games, etc.) or the fact that so many of them are willing to spend their money, vacation days, and time to come to San Diego so that they can dress up and go to a convention about comic books.  I just don’t get it.  Granted, I was never really into comic books growing up (more of a sports kid, myself), but I guess I just feel like one would naturally grow out of such things.  Then again, it doesn’t take too many hard core fans to overwhelm a city.  

After the next four days are through, the crews at the convention center will clean it out and prepare one of the ballrooms for the bar exam, which starts on Tuesday morning.  It’s getting close now, and I’m looking forward to it just being over with so I can go back to living a normal life (i.e. a life that doesn’t involve analyzing preposterous hypotheticals about things like the admissibility of Dave and Peter’s statement that they shouldn’t have been on “Ludes and Snow” while they were driving…yeah, I’m not joking…that was a real question).  

Eight more days…


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