Goodbye bar exam. Hello SF…DC…and KONA!

August 4, 2008 at 4:11 pm Leave a comment

So I survived the bar exam, but my liver barely made it through the weekend :-).  Ha ha.  Really though, the bar exam wasn’t that bad…the California bar examiners must have heard my nightly prayers and decided to grant them by testing me on subjects that I knew quite well.  In fact, of the several subjects I didn’t take in law school that I could have been tested on, they only tested on one.  This was quite nice of them.

Now that my weekend of debauchery is over, I’ve turned back to my training and onto my six weeks of vacation before I start work.  Six months ago I was planning on using nearly this entire time period to take a huge trip to some exotic destination, but with my reentry into the world of triathlon, I realized that all my training would have been for naught had I done this.  Instead, I’m planning on taking some smaller trips.  

My first trip is to San Francisco.  I leave for SF tomorrow morning.  It should be fun…I plan on taking in a baseball game, getting a professional 3D bike fit using the Retul system, and taking a nice long ride across the Golden Gate and the surrounding area.  After a few days in SF, I’m heading to Santa Cruz where I’m doing the Santa Cruz Sprint.  I’m really looking forward to this race if for no other reason than I get to finally test my metal in a race.  Competition brings out the best in me so I’m hoping that all my training pays off.  From there, I’m going to spend another day or two driving down the coast and then back to San Diego.  It’s something I’ve always wanted to do, so I’m doing it.  

The second trip I booked was to Washington D.C.  Nothing too special, but I’m visiting my best friend who used to live in San Francisco.  I’ve never been to D.C. so that will be fun and I know my friend will show me a good time.  It’s only a weekend trip so even if I’m able to get one run in while I’m out there, I’ll be fine.  Plus, it’s the weekend before my final triathlon of the season (Orange County), so I figure a little time off won’t hurt.

The biggest and final trip was booked a matter of minutes ago.  I’ve been struggling with the idea that I have all this time off and the only things I had planned were training and my two trips listed above.  I started looking at trips to Europe, Asia, and the like.  However, I just couldn’t justify spending all that money on a plane ticket and all that time flying for only a week or so in any of those locations (I couldn’t take more than a week because of my races).  

As I was browsing travel sights, I saw an advertisement for flights to Kona, Hawaii.  Yes, THAT Kona.  Home of the Ironman Hawaii World Championships.  Place of gorgeous views, beaches, and relaxation.  And, well, if you’ve ever read any of the posts on this site, I’d bet you can imagine what came next:  the little thought bubble guy on my shoulder saying to me “fuck it…it’s only money…you probably won’t get to take another vacation like this for a year.”  The little devil on my shoulder was right…I won’t have a chance to do this again for a while.

So…I’m headed to Kona at the end of the month.  I’m going to rent a bike when I’m out there and ride every day in some fashion or another.  Plus, I’m going to take in some great swims in the fabulous waters and take a run down Alli Drive (the finishing line).  Sure, I’ll take in some snorkeling and other activities while I’m out there…but this is going to be a mini-triathlon training camp for all intensive purposes.   I can’t wait.  What better incentive to qualify for Kona than knowing what’s in store for you?

I can’t wait.  I’m very excited.


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